Our Direct Lines from Ireland's Echu Mugmedon born about 400 AD down to Julie Mabee and Elizabeth (Betsy) F. Atha.


Echu Mugmedon


Niall of the Nine Hostages Noigillach, King of Ireland and Tara


Conall Cremthaine McNeill


Ferguse Ceribel MacConnaill O’Neill


Diarmait MacCerbaill O’Neill, King of Ireland


Colman MacDiarmait O’Nell


Suibne MacColmain O’Neill


four generations-do not have yet


Domnall Midi O’Neill, King of Ireland


Donnchad Midi MacDomnaill Midi O’Neill, King of Ireland


Mael Ruanaid MacDonnchada Midi O’Neill King of Mide


Mael Sechnaill MacMaele O’Neill, King of Irland and Mide


Flann Sinna MacMaeleSechnaill O’Neill, king of Ireland and Mide


Oengus Rigdamna Temrach MacFlann O’Neill


Murchard Macoengus Rigdamna Temrach


Donnchad Carrach MacMurchada




Gormflaith O’Neill


Leigsech O’Merda King of Loigsi


Cacht Ingen Loigsig O’Morda


Mor Ingen Muirchertaig O’Toole


Aoife (Eva) of Leinster MacMurrough, Countess of Ireland


athy estoile-Athy Motto To be led, not driven.jpg

To be Led Not Driven


Athy Castle

The Cook line depicted in the family tree on this page meets the Athey line shown on page two
with the marriage of Eleanor Queen to Thomas P. Athey.



Taken from Wikipedia

   Isabel de Clare, Countess Strigoil                                          


Maud Marshal, Marshall of England


Isabel de Bigod

|                       |

Margery de Lacy                Maud de Lacy       

|                                        |     

Theobald de Verdon                   Piers de Geneville                  

  |                                                  |                 

                   Theobald de Verdon                   Joan de Geneville To Husband                   

                 |                                       |                     |                     

         To     Isabel                        Margaret               Catherine               

                  Mother de Verdon               de Mortimer         de Mortimer                       

         |                                   |                    |                | 

              William                       Maurice         Philippe         Thomas

                      de Ferrers                 de Berkeley   Beauchamp  de Beauchamp

                 |                                 |                     |                        | 

            Margaret                 To   Thomas       Margaret    To       |   

                 Ferrers           Mother de Berkeley  de Stafford Father     |     

                      |------- Father ---------|--------------|--------------->|     

     Richard----Wife----> Elizabeth         Phillipa  To        

         de Beauchamp              de Berkeley        Neville  Father             

   |                                  |                     |            

                   Elizabeth ---Mother-------->|               Thomas                             

        Beauchamp                                           Dacre                      

               |                                                       |                         

               Henry To                                              Joan                            

              Neville Wife                                         Dacre                          

      |                                                       |                

              Richard                                                 John To                       

                  Neville                                            de Fiennes Wife                    

            |                                                       |                       

                 Margaret To                                          Thomas To                          

                      Neville Husband                                     Fiennes Wife                          

      |                                                       |                

                 Elizabeth                                                 Mary   To                           

                      Willoughby                                          de Fiennes Husband                       

      |                                                       |                

         Catherine                                                Henry                         

     Greville                                                 Norreys                   

      |                                                       |                

         Elizabeth                                                 Henry                          

     Reed                                                   Norreys                 

      |                                                       |                

         Col. Giles                                                 John                          

     Brent                                                   Norreys                 

      |                                                       |                

         Katherine                                                 Mary                          

     Brent                                                   Norris                 

      |                                                       |                

         Katherine                                                 Mary                          

     Marsham                                                Allerton                    

      |                                                       |                

         Marsham                                                 Lydia                          

       Queen                                                  Cushman                  

      |                                                       |                

         Richard                                                   Lydia                        

    Queen                                                   Harlow                

                        |                                                        |                                  

 Elinor (Eleanor) Lucille                                     Lemuel                           

      Queen                                                  Churchill                

      |                                                         |                 

          John Queen to                                         Nathaniel                          

     Athey  Father                                     Churchill              

      |                                                       |                

       Thomas Alvin                                           Lemuel                      

    Atha                                                   Churchill              

      |                                                       |                

   Elizabeth (Betsy) F                                     Rebecca                     

    Atha                                                   Churchill              

     |                                                        |                

William M.                                         Ruth Rebecca          

Cook                                                  Phillips            

     |                                                        |                

Benjamin F.                                            Julia                    

Cook                                                  Mabee             

     |                                                        |                

Glenn D.                                            Mildred May        

Cook                                                 Duncombe       

     |                                                         |                 

  Column 1                                          Gertrude Belle         

Cook Line                                               Glover               


                                                    Column 3

                                                  Duncombe Line


Lady Isabella Marshal


Richard de Clare



        |                                                                                   |        

      Gilbert de Clare                                                           Thomas de Clare      

        |                                                                                    |        

              ___________________________________                                       |                                      

        |                         |                                              |                                     |                                 

To Husband Margaret            Elizabeth                               Eleanor                                 |                                               

         de Clare             de Clare                               de Clare                                |                                        

  |                         |                                              |                                    |                           

Margaret            For Husband                        ______________                        |                                

de Audle              Theobald                          |                           |                        |                                

|                    de Verdon                     Isabel                Elizabeth                |                         

Hugh             And Descendants             Despencer           Despencer               |                             

de Stafford          See Column 1                       |                           |                        |                                  

|                    Cook Line                  Phillippa               For Husband                 |                        

For Wife                                            FitzAllen            Maurice de Berkeley             |                            

Philippe                                                   |                    And Descendants              |                            

Beauchamp                                      To    Alice                                                 |                             

 And Descendants                           Husband Sergeaux                                             |                                 

From Column 3                                               |                                                     |                                

Duncombe                                             Robert                                                |                             

Line                                                de Vere                                               |                          

                                                 |                                                     |                

                                    Jane                                                  |      

                                   de Vere                                               |       

                                              |                                                     |            

                                   Edward                                                |       

                                   Norris                                                 |      

                                                        |                                                     |                      

                                       Henry                                                |          

                                Norreys                                              |     

                                                        Click                                                   |                         

                                              For Wife                                                |                 

                                               Mary                                                  |                

                                                        de Fiennes                                               |                           



         |                                                                                            |               

      Maud                                                                                 Margaret           

      de Clare                                                                                de Clare              

                |                                                                                             |                      

                     Idoine    To                                    _________________________________           

                de Clifford Husband                            |                        |                                         |         

                          |                                           Maud              Elizabeth      To                 Margery     

       _________________                       de Badlesmere  de Badlesmere Husband     de Badlesmere

              |                                 |                                  |                        |                                         |                 

 Husband Maud                       Eleanor                      Aubrey          Humphrey  To                      Elizabeth             

Percy                        de Percy                      de Vere          de Bohun  Wife                      de Ros  

|                                 |                                    |                        |                                         |   

To Ralph                           Alice To Father                   |                    Eleanor                             Marjory       

Wife de Neville                    FitzWalter                          |                   de Bohun                           la Zouche           

|                                 |-----------Father----->|                         |                                         |   

             Click For                         Richard                                          Anne of Gloucester                    Thomas     To Wife 

               Father                         de Vere                                              Plantagenet                        Willoughby  Elizabeth 

               John                           Click For                                                        |                                         |             Neville  

de Neville                          Wife                                                         John                                    John      

                                    Alice                                                    Bourchier                         Willoughby 

                          Sergeaux                                                        |                                         |

                                                                                     ____________                          John 

                                                                                          |                         |                   Willoughby   

                                                                      Humphrey                Joan                         | 

                                                                              Bourchier             Bourchier               Robert    

                                                                                          |                    Click For               Willoughby  

                                                                          Anne                  Husband                       |

                                                                           Bourchier                Henry                   Robert

                                                                                      Click For                   Neville               Willoughby    

                                                                                               Husband                 Column 1                     |                     

                                                                                Thomas                    Cook                  Edward

                                                                                     Fiennes                     Line                Willoughby

                                                                               Column 3                                             Click For

                                                                            Duncombe                                               Wife

                                                                                   Line                                                Margaret


                                                                                                                                          Column 1




Eva Marshal



                                       |                                                                                                                    |

                                                 Maud de Braose                                                                                       Eleanor de Braose       

                                         |                                                                                                                  |  

                     ________________________________________                                                          _______________   

                     |                                                                                |                                                        |                             |   

                    Edmund                                                                    Isabel                                            Humphrey              Alianore 

                      Mortimer                                                                Mortimer                                         de Bohun              de Bohun   

                  |                                                                                |                                                         |                             |

         __________________                                                         Richard                                          Humphrey              Alianore    

        |                                   |                                                        FitzAlan                                           de Bohun              de Ferrers

 Roger                            Isolt                                                            |                                                         |                             |       

    de Mortimer               de Mortimer                                  ________________________                    William                 Robert       

   Click For                               |                                             |                                                 |                  de Bohun             FitzWalter  

     His wife                    __________                              Edmond                                    Eleanor                  Click                          |          

 Joan                    |                      |                            FitzAlan                                     FitzAlan               For Wife                   John 

     de Geneville        Alice               Hugh                                     |                                              |                     Elizabeth               FitzWalter   

                 de Audley       de Audley            _______________________                 Henry              de Badlesmere                 Click    

                           |               Click For                |                          |                   |               de Percy                and                         Wife     

          Wife 1   John              Wife            Richard                Alaive      Elizabeth             To Wife                     Descendants                  Eleanor

           Wife 2 de Neville       Margaret          FitzAlan              Fitzalen      FitzAlan              Idoine                                                de Percy  

                     |                 de Clare                |                          |                   |                de Clifford                                             and

    To Husband  Elizabeth                          _________              Lucy        Elizabeth            and                                               Descendants 

Thomas      Neville                            |                 |            le Strange    Latimer         Descendants                                                  

          Willoughby          |                              Joan         Alice               |                  |                                                                                           

      and        To Mother                      FitzAlan   FitzAlan       Margery       Click For                                                                             

      Descendants     Elizabeth                        Click For            |          Willoughby      Husband                                                                                  

                        Latimer                       Husband       Eleanor              |                John                                                                                   

                                   Humphrey       Holland          Henry          de Neville                                                            

                          de Bohun            |             FitzHugh                                                                      

                                                        And            Alice                |                                                                                                       

                                                Descendants    Montigue             |                                                                                                   

                                                             |                     |                                                                                         






                                                Click for                                                                                                  



                                                 de Fiennes                                                                                                  

Our family tree on this page only goes back to Niall of Nine Hostages, (or "Noigialllach" which translates to nine hostages) and his father; as Niall is the last one in this line that is relatively well documented. (the family tree of Niall inserted above goes back further) In our family records we have Niall's ancestry back to before Christ, for these individuals we have to rely on mysticism, legend, oral history, songs, poems, and a few sagas. Some of the sagas were not written until many years after the fact. This does not mean the individuals were not real, obviously a real person had to be there as they had descendants, but just that we cannot be absolutely sure of the details about them and some aspects of their life may be exaggerated. If you are interested in these ancestors, go to our family records to find out more.

As you can see there are many paths through our ancestors all of which are direct lines for us to Echu Mugmedon. This is caused by our ancestors propensety for marrying their cousins. This was outlawed by the pope, but not too well obeyed, and many of our ancestors in Europe were excommunicated for it. It is interesting that they would disregard the Pope's directive and marry their cousins, but then when they wanted a divorce they would use the fact that they were closely related as an excuse to divorce.

An attempt to show these connections and different direct lines through our ancestors was made by using links between family members in the different lines and color to help identify the individuals being linked. It is a little messy, but I do not know another way to show the paths through our ancestors.

The many paths come together with Isabel de Clare, Countess Strigoil; shown here in the yellow strip connecting the three lower panels to the upper left hand panel containing her ancestry. Three of her daughters are our Grandmothers, Maud Marshal, Marshall of England; Lady Isabella Marshal and Eva Marshal, each of which heads up one of the three lower panels.

Isabel de Clare's ancestors are shown as one path. Not because they did not marry their cousins, we can be sure they did also, but because we have so little information on them and their families.


Actually four of Isabel de Clare's daughters are our grandmothers. Joan Marshal is also our 22 Great-Grandmother. This connection was not discovered until after this family tree was written. Joan's descendants in our direct line through her did not intermarry with the descendant of her three sisters for some unknown reason and came to America very early on. Her descendant John Cheney was born in Scotland in 1605 and died in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1666. This line descends through the Chute family to Grandpa Eugene Frederick Glover and Mom G. Belle Cook nee Glover.

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