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Allerton, Athey, Bartlett, Bixby, Brown, Churchill, Chute, Cook, Couchman, Cushman, Davis, Duncombe, Ellsworth, Emma, Glover, Gnekow, Harlow, Herrmann, Hicks, Hill, Hubbarde, Mabee, Norris, Pattullo, Phillips, Pontus, Reder, Rider, Sylvester and 9,768 others

Julia and Fred Duncombe
Julia and Fred Duncombe

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The Duncombe Family

We have the Mabee familie traced back through; Mabees; Phillips; Churchills; Cushmans and Allertons that came over on the "Mayflower" and beyond, all the way to Adam and Eve.

We have the Duncombe family traced back into England. More work needs to be done here as I believe some of them moved to Australia.

The Cook Family

Thanks to Julie's fine work, we have the Cook family traced all the way back to Adam and Eve, through Peter Cook's wife Elizabeth Atha and the Athey family, but need help on Peter's ancesters. We are still looking for Cooks from Virginia, Indiana, North Dakota and Canada. Most of the family was centered around Indiana and Virginia early on, as far as we know. Then some members moved to North Dakota and Canada.

Benjamin Franklin Cook (born 20 Sep 1877 in Teagarden, Indiana) and wife Elizabeth Clara Herrmann (Born 29 Oct 1878 in Tyner, Indiana) moved to North Dakota,where they rased draft horses until the market for draft horses dropped to the point it was not profitable, then to Montana and eventually to Eastern Washington State, finally settling in Western Washington, in the Tacoma area, for the rest of their life. We would deeply appreciate any help anyone can give us on this family.

Benjamin's siblings were William Albert Cook: Edward Cook; Melvin L. Cook; Melissa J. Cook and Mary Cook. .

William Albert Cook moved to Canada and thanks to Julie Anne Degenhardt nee Lindquist, a descendant of William, we now have a lot of the family in Canada.

Benjamin's parents were William M Cook and Emma Ann Kyle (also spelled Kile)
William M Cook’s parents were Peter Cook and Elizabeth Atha of Virginia. We are looking desperately for more information on the ancestors of this family and would welcome any help offered.

Elizabeth Herrmann's siblings were John Herrmann; George Herrmann and a sister-name unknown, but the sister had a daughter named Bessei. We do not have much information on Elizabeth's family and need any help you can give us.

The Glover Family

Here we could use some help.

My Mother's father was Eugene Frederick Glover, but we do not have much on the Glover's. Eugene was born in Canada moved to USA.

We know more about Eugene Glover's mother's family. His mother was Harriet Minnie Saxton.

His siblings were: Mae Belle Glover; Dorthy Glover; and Palmer Glover.

If anyone has any information, We would be grateful.

Some question the girls-- Mae Belle and Dorthy--, but my grandmother had info about them in her photo album.

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