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We are passing a traditional Fijian Bure (house). We do not see many of these anymore.

The boat landing for another Rewan village with a traditional bure. We do not have time to stop and visit this village so we will just go on.

This is the first Roman Cathlic Curch in Fiji. Rewa was the first kingdom in fiji to "Lotu", accept Christianity, but did so from Methodist missionaries, so the village church and the official church of Rewa, like most of Fiji, is Methodist.

Well we made a big circle and we are now at Nasali Landing, the bus is waiting. It is a good thing my daughter Valma and her cousins went ahead and told the bus to wait for us. You can pick her out as she is Americanized and so the only one not dressed in a sulu. As the bus is waiting we will just say we hope you liked Lomanikoro and your visit and say mace (good by) and God be with you.

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