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The names in Blue are our Grandparents

The names in Green are our Cousins, Aunts and Uncles.

The names in red are persons we have problems with.
There are notes about them at the bottom. Click on their "name" or the word "NOTE" after the name to go to the note about the person.


                            ALMIGHTY GOD

                                Adam & Eve

                                Seth & Azura

                                Enosh & Noam

                                Cainan & Mualeleth                                                                                ABOUT 1 5 0   G E N E R A T I O N S

                                Mahalalel                                                                                  F R O M   A D A M   &  E V E   T O   P R E S E N T

                                Jared & Baraka

                                 Enoch & Edna

                                Methuselah & Edna

                                Lemech & etenos

                                Noah & Emzara

                                Shem & Sedeqetelebab

                                Arphaxad (Arpachshad) & Rasueja


                                Shelah & Muak




                                Serug & Melka


                                Terah & Maria


Isaac-----------------half-brothers--------------------Ishmael "Note"

Jacob                                                                      Nabit (Nebaioth)                                      Seti

Judah                                                                      Yashjub                                                    Ramses I, Pharaoh

Perez                                                                      Ya'rub                                                      Seti I (King of Egypt)

Hezrom                                                                  Tayrah                                                     Ramses II (King of Egypt)

Ram                                                                        Nahur                                                      Merenptah (King of Egypt)

Amminadab                                                             Mugawwam                                          :  Tiye-Mereniset

Nashson                                                                  Udad                                                        Ramses III (King of Egypt)

Salmon                                                                    Adnan                                                     Ramses VI (King of Egypt)

Boaz                                                                        Ma'add                                                    Ramses IX (King of Egypt)

Obed                                                                        Mizar                                                      Ramses X (King of Egypt)

Jesse                                                                        Mudar                                                      Ramses XI (King of Egypt)

David (King of Israel)                                             Ilyas                                                        Henttawy

Solomon (King of Israel)                                         Mudrika Amir                                          MenKheperre'

Rehoboam  (King of Judah)                                     Khuzayma                                               Istemkheb

Reheboham (King of Judah)                                     Kinama                                                   Pinudjem II (High Priest of Amun at Thebes)

Abijah (King of Judah)                                             al-Nadr                                                    Psusennes II (High Priest of Amun at Thebes)

Asa (King of Judah)                                                  Malik                                                      Maat 'Ka re'

Jehoshaphat (King of Judah)                                    Fahr                                                        Takelot I"note"

Jehoram (King of Judah)                                           Ghalib                                                     Osorkon II

Ahaziah (King of Judah                                            Lu'ayy                                                    Shoshenk "D" (High Priest of  Ptah at Memphis)

Joash (King of Judah) "NOTE"                                 Ka'b                                                       Takelot "B" (High Priest of Ptah at Memphis)

Uzziah/Azariah (King of Judah)                                Murra                                                     Es amlj Dked Bast

Jotham (King of Judah)                                            Kalab                                                      Pimay (Great Chief of Ma)

Ahaz (King of Judah)                                               Qusayy (Zayd)                                        Osorkon "C" (Great Chief of Ma)

Hezekiah (King of Judah)                                         Abdulah Manaf                                       Tefnakhte Shepses re

Manasseh (King of Judah)                                         Hashim                                                  Bakenranef Wah Ka Re                                            

Amon (King of Judah)                                              Abdulah al Muttalib                                Nekau ba Irib Re

Josiah (King of Judah)                                              Abdulah Allah                                         Necho I Whem.Ib.Re

Jeconiah/Jehoiakim (King of Judah) "NOTE"          Muhammad (Islam founder)                  Psamtek I Wahib.Re

Shealtiel                                                                   Fatima                                                    Necho II Wehem.Ib.Re

Zerubbabel                                                                Hasan                                                     Psamtek II Nefer.Ib.Re

Rheza                                                                       Husain                                                    Wahibre (Ha'a'                   Nabopolassar (King of Babylon)

Joanan                                                                      Zohra (female)                                       Neithiyti                                   Nebuchadnezzar II (King of Babylon)

Joda/Jude/Judah/Judas                                                Na'im al-Lakhmi                                     Atossa                                       Nebuchadnezzar III (Prince of Babylon)

Josech/Joseph                                                           Itaf                                                         Xerses I (King of Persia)           Nebuchadnezzar IV (King of Babylon

Semein                                                                     Amr                                                        Artaxerxes I (King of Persia)---husb.& wife---Andia

Mattathias                                                               Aslan                                                       Parysatis of Persia

Maath                                                                      Amr                                                        Artaxerxes II (King of Persia)

Naggai/Nogah                                                           Abbad                                                     Rodogune (of Persia)

Hesli/Esli                                                                  Qarais                                                     Aroandes II (King of Armenia)

Nahum                                                                     Ismail                                                      Mithranes I (King of Armenia)                

Amos                                                        Kadi abul-Kasim Muhammad I                                Aroandes III (King of Armenia)              Lucius Julius Lebo"Note"

Mattathias                                    Abu Amr Abbad ben Muhammad II al-Mutamid                   Samos I (King of Armenia)                     Lucius Julius Lebo

Joseph                       Abul-l-Kasim Muhammad III ben Abbad al-Mutamid (Emir of Seville)    Arsames I (King of Armenia)                  Numericus Julius Ceasar

Jannai/Johanan                                   Zaida/Ximena (Isabella/Elizabeth)"Note"                       Xerses I (King of Armenia)                     Lucius Julius Ceasar

Melchi/Melki                                                      Teresa de Castille                                          Zariadres I (King of Sophene)                 Sextus Julius Ceasar

Levi                                                   Alphonse I Henrigius (King of Portugal)                        Artaxias I (King of Armenia)                  Sextus Julius Ceasar

Matthat (Nasi)                                                   Urraca (female)                                             Tigranes I (King of Armenia)                  Lucius Julius Ceasar

Joseph of Arimathea---brothers--Eli/Heli      Alphonse IX (King of Leon, Spain)                    Artavasdes I (King of Armenia)              Lucius Julius Ceasar

Anna of Arimathea                     Mary                           |                                                        Artaxias I (King of Iberia)                       Julia Caesonia Caesar

Lud "NOTE"                              Jesus Christ              |                                                        Artaces I (King of Iberia)                        Mark Anthony III

Tenuantius                                                                      |                                                               |                                                        Antonia Minor

Cymbeline                                                                       |                                                               |                                                       Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero I

Arviragus------------------------------------------------------------------------------husband & wife------|-----------------------------------------Genissa/Venissa

Meric / Marius                                                                 |                                                               |

Coilus/Cole                                                                  |-----------------------------------------------|---------|

Athildis (female)-----------------------------------------------------brother & sister----------------------|---------|-------------------Lleiffer Mawr (Lucius) (King of the Britons)        

Clodomir IV (King of Franks)                                                                                                         |            |                         Gladys (the Younger)             

Farabert (King of West Franks)                                                                                                      |            |                         Strada "the Fair" (of Cambria)

Sunno                                                                           Pharnabazus I (King of Iberia) --------------             |                         Helena "of the Cross"

Hilderic (King of Franks)                                             (Princess of Iberia)                                                  |                         Constantine the Great (Roman Emperor)

Batherus (King of West Franks)                                   Pharasmenes I (King of Iberia)                                |                         Constantius II (Roman Emperor)

Clodius III                                                                    Mithradates I (King of Iberia)                                  |                         Constantius III (Western Roman Emperor)

Walter (King of Franks)                                               Amazaspus I (King of Iberia)                                   |                         Valentinian III (Western Roman Emperor)

Dragobert I                                                                  Pharasmenes II (King of Iberia)                               |                         Eudoxia "NOTE"

Genebald I                                                                    Rhadamiste I (King of Iberia)                                  |                          Hilderic (King of Vandals)

Dragobert II                                                                 Pharasmenes III (King of Iberia)                             |                          Hilda

Clodius I                                                                          (Princess of Iberia)                                               |                          Halfdan (King of Denmark)

Marcomir                                                                     Khusraw I "the Brave" (King Armenia)                   |                          Ivar Vidfadma (King of Denmark & Sweden)

Pharamond (King of Westphalia)                                 Tiridat II (King of Armenia)                                   |                          Aud Ivarsdatter

Clodio (Clodius) (King of Franks)                                 Khusraw II "the Valient" (King Armenia)                |                          Randver Radbardsson

Merovech (King of Franks)                                          Tiran "the Great" (King of Armenia)                      |                          Sigurd Ring

Childeric I (King of Salic Franks)                                 Chosroes III (King of Armenia)                               |                          Rayner Lodrok (King of Denmark & Sweden)

Clovis I The Great (King of  France)                            Bambisn                                                                  |                          Sigurd Snodoye (King of Denmark & Sweden)

Clothaire I (King of Franks)                                         Narses I "the Great" (King Armenia)                       |                          Horda Knut (King of Denmark)

Sigibert I                                                                       Isaac I "the Great" (King Armenia)                         |                          Frotho (King of Denmark)

Ingunda                                                                        Sahakanoysh                                                            |                          Gorm Enske (King of Denmark)

Athangildo                                                                   Hmayeak Mamikonian                                            |                          Harald Parcus (King of Denmark)

Ardebasto                                                                    Vard Mamikonian                                                    |                          Gorm "the Old" (King of Denmark)

Ervigi                                                                           Hmayeak Mamikonian                                           |                           Harald I "Bluetooth" (King of Denmark)

Pedro                                                                           Mousegh Mamikonian                                             |                          Gunnora of Crepon

Fruela                                                                           Vahan II Mamikonian                                             |                          Richard II (Duke of Normandy)

Rodrigo Frolaz "NOTE"                                              Dawith (David) Mamikonian                                   |                          Robert II "the devil" (Duke of Normandy)

Diego Rodrigues                                                           Hamazasp II Mamikonian (Armenia                        |                         William I "the Conqueror" (King of England)

Urraca                                                                         Artavazd Mamilonian "NOTE"                               |                          Henry I "Beauclear" (King of England)

Roderick                                                                       Hmayeak                                                                |                          Matilda

Diego Rodriguez                                                           Konstantinos                                                           |                          Henry II (King of England)

Solabella                                                                       Basil I (Bysantine Emperor) "NOTE"                     |                          Eleanor Plantagenet

Gonsalo Fernandez                                                       Leo VI(Bysantine Emperor)                                    |                          Berengaria

Fernan Gonsalez                                                           Anna                                                    |<-----brother & sister-------- Blanche of Castille                             

Garcia Fernandes                                                          Constantine Charles                              |                                             Louis IX (King of France)

Sancho Garsias                                                             Boson II "NOTE"                                 |                                             Philip III (King of France)

Munia (Nunnia)                                                            Willelmus I                                           |                                             Margaret

Fernando I The Great                                                   Constance                                             |                                             Edmund Plantagenet (Earl)

Alfonso VI (King of Castille)                                        Henry I (King France)                          |                                             Joan Plantagenet

Urraca (female)                                                            Philip I (King France)                           |                                             Thomas Holland (Earl)

Alfonso VII (King of Castille)                                       Louis VI (King France)                         |                                             Eleanor Holland

Sancha                                                                          Pierre                                                   |                                              Joyce Cherlton"Note"

Alphonso of Aragon                                                     Alice                                                    |                                              Joyce Tiptoft

Raymond Berenger V                                                    Isabella                                                 |                                              Sir John Sutton

Eleanor (of Provence)-----------husband & wife--------Henry III                   Ferdinand III (King of Castille)                          Margaret Sutton

Edward I (King of England)------------husband & wife--------------------------Eleanor of Castille                                              William Butler

Edward II (King of England) -------------brother & sister------------------------Joan Plantagenet                                                Rev. Lawrence Washington"Note"

Edward III (King of England)                                                                         Margaret de Clare                                               Col. John Washington (George’s gr-grdfather)

John of Gaunt----father & son--------John De Neville                                    Amy de Gaveston                                               Anne Washington

Joan de Beaufort                                Earl Ralph De Neville                           Alice de Driby                                                    John Wright

Mary de Ferrers                                 Edward Neville                                      Sir William Malory                                            John Wright II

John Neville                                      Sir George Neville Sr.                            Margaret Malory                                                Capt. John Wright III

Jane Neville                                       George Neville Jr.                                 Mary Corbet                                                       Lucretia (Lucy) Wright"Note"

Joan Gascoigne                                  Ursula Neville                                       Richard Charlton                                                Thomas Moore Petty

John Vavasour                                   Lady Ann St. Leger                               Randall Grosvenor"Note"                                    Nancy Petty

Anne Vavasour                                  Sir Knight Dudley Digges---|                  Elizabeth Grosvenor                                            Samuel Benton Curtis

Grace Gascoigne                                                                           |                  Rev. Edward Bulkeley                                          Beula Benton Curtis

Mary Wentworth (Mrs. William Brewster of Mayflower)        |                  Dorcus Bulkeley                                                                 |

Jonathan Brewster                                                                        |                  Olive Ingoldsky                                                                  |

Benjamin Brewster                             Gov. Edward Digges---------|                  Rev. Thomas James                                                            |

William Brewster                               Catherine Digges                                   Sarah James                                                                        |

Ebenezer Brewster *                          Edward Herndon                                    John Stanbrough                                                                 |

Comfort Brewster                              John Herndon                                       Josiah Stanborough                                                             |

Thomas Brewster I                            Jacob Herndon                                       Nehemiah Stanbury                                                            |

Thomas Brewster II                           James Herndon                                      Ezekiel Stanberry                                                               |

Clarinda Lee Brewster                        Reuben Herndon                                    Samuel Stanbery                                                                 |

Isaiah Lafayette Heddins                    Matilda Jane Herndon                           Nathaniel (Nathan) Stanbery *                                           |

Rev. John Ivan Heddins                      Mintie Bond -----husband & wife-------Van Buren Stanbery                                                            |

Early Clifford Heddins                                                                                  Thomas Marion Stanbery--------husband & wife------------|

                |-----------------------------------husband & wife------------------------Lillie Bell Stanbery


                 Charles Roland Heddins------------brothers---------------Gerald Clifton Heddins

Roland       David               Stuart       -   Jonathan                    Ramey          -         Brad

           Caleb & DeAnn     Ryan & Ethan                              John & Hannah      Reagan & Amanda




This rough chart displays some of the many lines of descent from Adam and Eve to present through kings, queens, royals & commoners throughout Europe, the Middle East, and America. Some of the lineages are questionable and some may be missing a generation or more (e.g. far fewer generations between Ishmael & Muhammad than other lines). The Royal lines are well documented, but as we go back in time serious questions arise. Many more lines of descent exist but only these few which include notable historical characters have been included in this chart. Other notable individuals who also descend from British & European Royalty include American presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, and Calvin Coolidge. Also Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rutherford B. Hayes, John Q. Adams, James Monroe, Franklin Pierce, William H. Taft, William Henry Harrison,  Grover Cleveland, and Benjamin Harrison, and well known people such as Nelson Rockefeller, Walt Disney, Daniel Boone, Nancy Reagan, and of course Queen Elizabeth II, making us distant cousins of each of the above.


* Some Links Yet to be Documented

1.        Heddins/Brewster: Although we know that Clarinda Lee (Brewster) Heddins descended from William and Mary Brewster (of the Mayflower), the exact line between them and Ebenezer Brewster is still in question. The lineage listed is the most likely. Also Mary’s name is believed to have been Wentworth, but we lack sufficient documentation to prove it without a doubt. Of course, if Mary was not a Wentworth, then that whole lineage is false!

2.        Stanbery: We know that Van Buren Stanbery’s father was named Nathaniel Stanbery, but we lack documentation to prove that he was the same Nathan who was a son of Samuel & Matilda Stanbery. There are several clues which lead us to believe that this is the right lineage, but until we prove the link we must present this disclaimer.

3.        There may be other questions/doubts in other lines but since much of the information has been gleaned from other sources posted on the internet, we know little about their accuracies.


      NOTE: If the generation columns don't line up properly, make sure your browser window is maximized and that your text size is not set too large.

I deeply appreciate all the fine work done in making this list. I contacted the person that posted it as I wanted to get permission to use it, but was informed he found it someplace on the web, and does not remember who the author was. The chart is basically the same as when I downloaded it. I only added some information at the top, links to our web site on some names, underlining on some names, color to some names and I have added everything below this line.
Glenn Cook


Jeconiah/Jehoiakim (King of Judah) There is a problem here.
Both the Old Testament and Matthew say that Shealtiel's father is Jeconiah (King of Judah). Luke says that Neri is his father. In our records I show him with two fathers.

The Bible Encyclopedia says that:

"Salathiel (Meaning: whom I asked of God) the son of Jeconiah (Matt. 1:12; 1 Chr. 3:17); also called the son of Neri (Luke 3:27)

The probable explanation of the apparent discrepancy is that he was the son of Neri, the descendant of Nathan, and thus heir to the throne of David on the death of Jeconiah (compare Jer. 22:30)."

You choose!

Also! Whoever made up this chart left out Jeroiakim and made Jeconiah and Jeroiakim the same person. It should be Jeroniah – son of Jeroiakim – son of Josiah; according to the Old Testament.


Lud, better Lludd Llaw Ereint is not Anna's son but her stepson. So Lud and his decedents are not direct line decedents of Anna. That being said Lud and his decedents that are linked to our family pages, are our grandparents. and Anna is our 51st Great-Grandmother though her children with her first husband. Bran Fendigaid "The blessed". The children were Beli (Heli) our 65th Great-Grandfather and Caradoc (Caractacus) our 50th Great-Grandfather. Caradoc's son was Saint Cyllin


Takelot I We have a problem here. Who ever made up this tree put Maat 'Ka re' in as Takelot I's mother and she is actually his stepmother. Takelot I's mother was Tashedkhonsu. So the linage above this point is of his half brother Shoshenk II of Egypt, Great Priest of Amun, our 100th Great-Grandfather. Takelot I's ancestors are also our grandparents, but are not shown here.

Takelot I is also a Great-Grandfather, out 101st, and the names directly below him are Takelot I's descendants..


Zaida/Ximena (Isabella/Elizabeth)
Who ever made up this list has Teresa de Castille as the daughter of Zaida/Ximena (Isabella/Elizabeth), but my research cannot verifie this. I can only find that Zaida/Ximena (Isabella/Elizabeth) is Teresa de Castille's father's (Alfonso VI Ferdinandez) 5th wife, and thus Teresa de Castille's stepmother. (Or possibly Isabella/Elizabeth was the 4th and 5th wife as it appears that they were the same person. She was Muslim and converted to Christianity, changing her name when she was baptizes.)

I am fairly certain that Teresa de Castille's mother was Agnes of Pointou. So all the names above Teresa de Castille on this chart are not her ancestors, but they are our cousins.


Frotho (King of Denmark)

Gorm Enske (King of Denmark)

Harald Parcus (King of Denmark)

I have found some other trees that have these names in them, in the same position as who ever compiled this list has them, but cannot document these individuals. All the documentation I can find has Horda-Knut Sigurdsson as the father of Gorm "the Old" (King of Denmark). I left them in on this tree and only crossed them out so you can decide.


Randall Grosvenor Should not be Randall Grosvenor but his wife Anne Charlton


Olive Ingoldsky This is as far as I have verified this list, so have not added Olive or any names below this point in this line.


Comfort Brewster Comfort is our cousin but not in this line.
His line goes: Comfort5 - Benjamin4 - Benjamin3 - Jonathan2 - William1.

Thomas Brewster does not appear to be his son. There are a lot of Thomas Brewsters, but in other lines.

"The Brewster Genealogy" (1566-1907); by Emma C. Brewster Jones, The Grafton Press, New York, 1908.
Volume 1
Volume 2



John de Neville Is not the son of John of Gaunt. His father was Ralph de Neville, 3rd Baron Neville of Ruby.

However, Joan de Beaufort, John of Gaunt's daughter, was married to John de Neville's son, Earl Ralph de Neville. This being the case Ralph's son, Edward Neville would be a grandson of John of Gaunt.


Jacob Herndon I have not been able to find sources that Jacob is the son of John Herndon, so have not added any names below this point.


Rodrigo Frolaz We have a lot of disagreement with this tree at this point.

First: Acording to the University of Hull's History Department there are two generations of ancestors missing here.

It should go: Rodrigo - Ramiro I - Vermundo I - then Fruela. I did not add them to this tree, but put them into the notes so you can decide.

There is also a problem here with the descendants. So I have crossed out three individuals that are shown as descendants of Rodrigo Frolaz for the following reasons:

1st Diago Rodrigues, apears to just be a repeat of Diego Rodriguez that is below him on this chart.

2nd Urraca, some authors such as Fernández de Béthencourt, writing in 1897, suggest that count Rodrigo was a son of Ramiro I of Asturias and his supposed second wife, 'Urraca Paternal'. But the dates do not line up and we know that Urraca was the wife of a later prince Ramiro. Barrau-Dihago dismissed the interpretation that Rodrigo was the son of Ramiro I for want of evidence. Even if Urraca was his mother, she is in this tree as a descendant, so I have crossed her out.

3rd Roderick, I do not know who this is unless it is another spelling for Rodriguez. Anyway the evidence seems to be that Rodrigo of Castile was the father of Diego Rodríguez Porcelos as is shown on the lists of Counts of Castile. So I crossed him out also.

I left all three of them in the tree so you can make up your own mind about them.


Basil I was born a simple peasant in Thrace, so we do not know much about his parents from contemporary documents. That being the case this probably should be the end of this line for now.

But, when he became Emperor he had his heritage traced and gave us a family tree of his ancestors. Many if not most modern scholars reject this tree as self serving and say it was doctored to make it look like he had a right to be emperor. Maybe so or maybe not. Anyway it is here for you to decide. The crutch of the matter is whether or not this Konstantinos was his father. You decide.

Read this webpage for an amazing account of the Emperors Basil and Michael III


Lucretia (Lucy) Wright It appears that there may be a mistake here. I cannot find any evidence that Thomas Moore Petty is the son of Lucretia. Some suggest that his father was possibly Joseph Petty and that his mother could have been a Moore. So I have marked him out and the line seems to end with Thomas for now.


Ishmael was our half 79th Great-Granduncle and so his descendants are our cousins.

I have not completely checked this column against our records.


Blanch of Castile There is a problem at this point.

Acording to the History Department of the University of Hull in Hull, England, Blanch was not the sister of Ferdinand III, but his aunt. Ferdinand III was the son of Berengaria of Castile, (shown on this list as Blanch's mother instead of her sister). Alfonso's father was Alfonso IX as shown on this list.

Blanch and Berengaria were sisters and the daughters of Elenor Plantagenet, shown here as the mother of Berengaria only as the person that made this list has Berengara as Blanch's mother.

Blanch was the mother of Louis IX as shown here.

Brian Tompsett of the University of Hull says it is not clear if Blanch is the daughter of Alfonso IX or VIII, but as Burke records it as the VIII they think it should be seen that way. If she was the daughter of Alfonso IX then what is on this chart would be correct.

I have followed the University of Hull and use the VIII.


Joyce Cherlton was not the daughter of Eleanor Holland, but was the daughter of her sister Alianore. They get confused with one another as they have the same name.

Alianore is our Great-Grandaunt so Joyce Charlton (de Charleton) is a cousin.


Boso II There is a problem here. Boso II is not the son of Charles Constantine. His father was Boso I. But the names above are still Grandparents through another line.


Eudoxia is not the mother of Hilderic, but is of another closely related line. So this is the end of Hilderic's line on this list and the start of Eudoxia's line on this chart. For Hilderic's ancestors click on his name and follow them there. For Eudoxia's descendants click on her name and follow them there.

Joash (King of Judah) There is one generation missing in this list. His son is Amaziah father of Uzziah

Tayra According to the University of Hull's History department, in Hull, England, Tayra and Nahur are brothers and Mugawwam is the son of Nahur


Artavazd Mamikonian There seems to be two generations missing here.

it should be Artavazd Mamikonian - Hmyayeak (Theodore) Mamikonian (Abt 690-Abt 740) - Artavazd Mamikonian (Abt 650-Abt 693) - Then Hamazasp II Mamikonian


Rev. John Washington Missing one generation here. John's mother was Margaret Butler and William Butler was his grandfather.

Lucius Julius Libo This line goes all the way back to Adam through Juda ben Jacob's son Zerah, even though there is a lot of uncertainty in the line as we have it in our records.


This is only some of the paths to Adam and Eve that we have in our family.

For example:

Both Rashujal and Manalalel, Cainan's children, are grandparents
Both Jared and Daniel, Mahalalel's children, are Grandparents
Both Enoch and Azrial, Jared's Children, are Grandparents
Both Methuselah and Barakiil, Enoch's children, are Grandparents
Eliakim, Rakeel and Lameck, Methuselah's children, are Grandparents
Both Shem and Japheth, Noah's children, are Grandparents. Shem and Japheth both being starts of direct lines is very important as it puts us into two different areas of the world.
Japheth toward Europe and Seth toward the Middle East.

To say the obvious, when there are two or more children of the same parents that are our grandparents it means there are two or more paths (or direct lines) to that point.

This is enough to illustrate the situation. It would take another complete set of pages to cover all of this.

See also:

Glenn D. Cook to Adam and Eve

G. Belle Cook to Adam and Eve

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