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    In general we can say that, in most of our lines, our ancestors came to north America very early on and were the pioneers that settled and developed what is now the United States of America and Canada. Spreading out as the two countries grew until they reached clear across the continent and some of them are now in almost every state of the USA and almost every provinces of Canada.

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    Jorge H. Castelli

    Has short biographies on many of our family members on his web site in Argentina. He is also a great source for information on European royal families. You will find his web site outstanding. It is especially remarkable when you remember that English is Jorge's second language.

    Thank you Jorge for all your fine work.

    You will find links to many of Jorge's biographies in the notes for the individual family member him or her self also.

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    Please do not post documents here for living persons or people recently deceased; only put up documents here for people long dead

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