Strange Happenings in My Life

All my life I have had strange happenings that seem like I can see things or know things that I have no way of knowing and no way of seeing, and are hard to put off as a coincidence.

When in the air or on the sea I often knew exactly where to go or when to turn, especially when there was danger, without any help from navigational aids.

Some examples:

Finding Nina

When I came back from Fiji to the USA in 1961, Nina went to Canada with her fiends. I wanted to go there and see her, but when I got to Vancouver, where she was supposed to be staying, she had gone with her friends to their cabin on a very remote lake and all I could find out was the town it was near. Even though it was a long drive and no way to be sure of finding her, I tried it anyway.

When I got about 15 miles from the town they said the lake was near, I started feeling how foolish my quest was and how little chance I had of finding her. As I was in deep thought and prayer about this I had an overwhelming feeling that she was directly west of me and was telling me how to get to her. But I could not understand what she was trying to tell me as there was no road around there going west.

I tried a reasonable distance both north and south until she said I was getting too fare away and I would turn back. Going back and forth this way I found a spot where I felt closest to her but there was just woods there without even the slightest sign of a road.

I drove off the road anyway and a short distance through some small brush and trees there was an open field with a power line running through it. Continuing across the field due west I came to a gate that lead to a road that ran past a row of cabins along the shore of a lake. I felt very strongly that she was in a particular cabin, but there was a man working in his yard so I asked him if her fiends lived here. He said yes and pointed to the very cabin I had felt she was in. She was there.

Visiting Friends

Another time in the early seventies while I was teaching at Lane in Eugene, Oregon, I had been to a meeting up north and was driving through Oregon on my way home and decided to stop and see some friends. Stopping at their home a neighbor told me they had moved and all she knew was they had move to a farm south of town.

I started south feeling foolish for trying to find them when I knew nothing about their whereabouts, but at the same time I had this strange feeling it was very important that I try, and some how I knew I would find them.

As I was traveling south I passed a road and had such a strong feeling that I needed to take that road west that it was almost irresistible and so it had to be taken. Again feeling sort of foolish as there was no way of knowing which farm was their farm. Sever miles down this road I passed a gravel road to the left and again felt I had to take this road. I almost did not as it looked like it was going to nowhere. The feeling was overwhelming though and there was such a strong feeling of urgency, that I took it. About a mile up this track I came to dirt road leading west again I just had to take that road. It lead to a house that could not be seen until I was almost there. It felt like that one was the one I was looking for.

I knocked on the door, but no one answered and I started to leave when a pickup load of men drove up. I asked them if they knew my friend and they did and said he lived here, but was gone to town.

Things did not seem right as they were all carrying guns and seemed upset that I was there. They told me my friend was away, but to be careful there was a drug crazed hippy hiding out there and they were going to get him and suggested I leave. I asked them if they were law officers and they were not. So I told them they were not going to go into my friend's house without a police officer and a warrant and I was going to stay and see that they did not.

I did not have a gun and they were heavily armed, but I was in a suit and tie and driving a good car. This seemed to make them hesitate as they just stood and looked me over for a while then said they would be back with one and left.

It turned out that the hippy couple were listening to all of this from hiding and when the men left came out and thanked me and told me that these men were trying to get them and would kill them if they did. They said they had not done anything to them, but they did not like hippies and enjoyed harming them. I had no way of knowing the truth so I went into the house with them and questioned them. They clammed they were working for my friend and staying there. They expected him home before dark. They clammed to not have any drugs in the house and I knew my friend did not tolerant drugs, so I believed them.

The men came back with a deputy sheriff and demanded to come in. I asked for a warrant and they did not have one. Also, they seemed to be too friendly with the officer, so I got suspicious. I showed the officer my ID as a college professor and told the officer that he could come in, but not to search, as I did not have the right to give him permission to do so, but only so he could see that the hippies were not there and there was nothing going on wrong in the house. I also told him that the other men could not come in.

While I was showing the officer around the other men came in and started saying that some of the things were stolen from them and that they were going to take them and wanted the hippy couple arrested. I told the officer to get them out of the house as I had not told them they could come in. He started mouthing that he had to take the stolen articles with him. I told him not without a warrant and a receipt for them and that I did not know were the hippy couple were. That was not totally true, as I had told them to go into the orchard and hide. It was partially true though as I did not know where they had actually gone.

I think there would have been a lot of trouble if I had not of been there, but I seemed too respectable to them and my presents sort of kept them off balance. Even then they started to get threatening, but I told them to just go to their car and call for a warrant and we would all wait till it came.

They got into there cars and left muttering that they would be back. Shortly after they left my friend came home. He told me none of the things that they had clammed to be stolen were stolen. He had owed them for some time. We came to the conclusion that they were only trying to get a reason to get the hippy couple into their car and away from there to do them some harm. The couple had been hiding from them for the whole day and were sure that if they got them they would be killed. There had been several Hippies killed in that area in the three or four weeks preceding this incident. That was in the days of Red necks feeling free to attack Hippies in some areas.

Anyway it was good I was there and the couple became my friends for many years.

Navigating the South Pacific

One time in the south pacific when I had a film crew that were making the movie "child of Bounty" onboard my yacht and was sailing from Tonga to Fiji, there was an instance of this. They had chartered my yacht and a New Zealand navel officer was sailing it for them. They were sailing north and then going to turn west to a particular island they wanted to go to. As I stood on deck and looked out the feeling came over me that the island we were trying to reach was due west of us and that we had to turn now to go through the pass through the reef.

I told them that we had to turn now to make it through the reef and pointing told them the island we were going to was in that direction. They all treated me like I was a nut. They said how do you know? You have not been navigating or checking the charts so how can you know were we are at. We need to sail north for another 5 hours yet before we turn. I told them I knew and if they did not change direction now they would miss the opening in the reef. They thought I was out of my mind, but it was my yacht so they turned. I did not say anymore, but just set on deck. About four or five hours later some one started yelling that there was some islands ahead. Then they started wondering what islands they were and were sure we were too fare south as we had not seen the reef. I told them they were the islands we had to pass to get to the island we were going to and it was a little south west of these island, so we would have to turn that direction when we passed the islands. They said that could not be as we had not passed the reef. I told them we had passed it, but they could not believe it as they had not seen it. I told them the reason they had not seen it was that we were in the very middle of the opening and it was high tide if we were not in the opening I would have stopped them as I did not want my yacht smashed up upon a reef. They only laughed at this. So I shut up. We sailed on into the islands an was passing them when the NZ officer came up on deck and said I know were we are at; does anyone else? I told him yes, I do. And he just looked at me and said I'm sorry, yes you do. We are right were you said we would be. How did you do that. I know you were not using a chart or taking any sun sights? I told him I just knew that was all.

Sailing to Samoa

One time I was sailing from Tonga to Samoa and had been sailing in bad weather most of the trip, so had to sail by dead reckoning. I knew I was near Pago Pago harbor but could not be sure were I was and there was a reef between me and the harbor. I started to be desperate as I needed to get a sighting of the island to make sure I missed the reef. I finally got frustrated and cried out. "Why are you not doing your job? You are supposed to be my spiritual helpers and give me assistance. Now lift those clouds so I can get a sighting and find out where I am in relation to the reef and a bearing on the opening to the harbor. You know I need to make sure I am lined up for the harbor."

I had no sooner said this than the clouds lifted and I got a good sighting and fond I was right on course for the harbor. As soon as I had the sighting the clouds dropped down again and engulfed the island. It was as if my spiritual helpers knew I was on course and so let things go until I got frustrated and ask for their help, then lifted the clouds long enough for me to find out I was on course to give me peace-of-mind.

I have had many experiences like this, being directed toward a place that I had no way of knowing where it was. Then I also had many experiences like the following.


In New York Dolly wanted to go to see the play Anne, but we could not get tickets. She was very disappointed as the original Anne was reported to be playing there, and that is the one she wanted to see. We were leaving for London and so could not wait for tickets.

When we arrived in London we started sightseeing by riding the subway and just getting off at any station and going up to street level and walking around. We got off at one stop and looked down the street about a block and seen a theater advertising Anne. We went down and looked at the billboards just for fun. There was a short line at the box office and I decided to join it. Dolly said there was no use as it was surly sold out past when we would be in London, but I joined it anyway.

A several people got in line behind me and we talked. A women told me that there was no use to stand in line as it had been sold out for several months as the original Anne was playing right now and they were only there to pick up their tickets. Dolly and Mom were trying to drag me away, but I was only one person from the ticket office and anyway felt I should stay and try.

The woman ahead of me was arguing with the girl in the box office and was taking forever, but the feeling I should stay kept me there waiting. I could not hear what she was saying as she had her mouth up to the hole in the glass shouting at the girl inside. Finally she finished and left. And I asked the girl in the box office if there was any possibility of buying three tickets to the play while we were in London.

She gasp and looked at me for a while in disbelief. Then said do you know what I was arguing with that women ahead of you about? I said no, we could not hear what she was saying. The ticket girl said she was trying to return three tickets for the center of the third row back from the front. Some of the best tickets in the house and I did not want to take them as it was so close to show time that I could not call a standby to sell them again. Normally she could not sell them to me, she had to offer them to the standbys first, but the show started in 30 minuets and so if we wanted them we could have them.

The other people in line could not believe the timing, or that there were three seats, not just two as would be normal, but I could. Dolly wanted to go very much and I wanted to please her, so it was not surprising to me.We were not dressed to go to a show, but it was too good to pass up and so we took them and went to the show as we were.

I also could see why we could not get tickets in New York, Dolly wanted to see the original Anne and she was in London. I know Dolly wanted to see the play very much since she was willing to go dressed like a casual tourist when everyone else was dressed up. She was easily embarrassed about things like that.

My relationship to Native Americans

To answer your question. The only Indian blood I can find in my linage is that my11th Great-Grandmother was Mary Kittamaquund ("Big Beaver") of the Piscataway Indians. She was made famous by her father's interaction with the first settlers in Maryland. A very interesting family and well worth looking up on the web. Type the last name into your browser search an see what comes up. It is worth it.

I was rased on a farm in Washington State up near Mt. Rainier and one of our neighbors was an Indian family. Later I became very friendly with the Nisqually Indians and other tribes also. I worked with a Nisqually man when I was working in the warehouses at Fort Lewis. He was an interesting old man. He had fought in most of the Indian wars around there, in his youth. Sometimes on the side of the Indians and sometimes on the side of the whites. No one knew how old he was. They had changed his age on the records many times so he could stay on as he knew where things were that everyone had lost track of. He had been around since the fort was built it seemed. He told the most interesting stories, but no one took them seriously, thinking they were all made up, until one day when he was hit by a car near the warehouse and rushed to the hospital on the fort. When they ex-rayed him they found three old arrowhead still in him and two or three old bullets still in him. They also came to the conclusion that he would never walk again as the injury was too severe They dreaded telling him and put it off till he was better and was antsy to get up. Then one doctor told him and he got out of bed and chased the doctor out of the room. He collapsed though but latter was able to get around on crutches. That went ok till one day a doctor told him that it was a miracle he was able to get around at all, even on crutches, and too bad that he would never get off of crutches. That did it he grabbed one crutch and chased the doctor out of the room with it. He would never use crutches again after that. I knew he was in pain when he walked, but he did so and never complained.

I made a special friendship with Lyle Hunter a Maka from Neah Bay during this time. He came to the Nisqually to preach as an evangelist. We were friends for a long time and traveled together a lot.

Then I started spending a lot of time on the Quinault reservation around Taholah. Dad had bought a gas station in Pacific Beach and I was running it for him. It was very near the Quinault. Aunt Daisy, a Quinault, said you are not white, you are an Indian masquerading as a white man. She is the one that took me and educated me in the costal Indian custom and beliefs.

While living on the Quinalt I was sent as a delegate to Little Poston to represent the Quinalts at the gathering there. At this Powwow I stayed with the chief man sleeping on his kitchen floor. Also, met some Crows there that had traveled from Montana for the Powwow, and became very friendly with them.

One day we were setting around in the kitchen and talking when the door to the stove fell open and coals and fire fell on the wood floor. Every one jumped up and looked for a way to pick them up and get rid of them, running around in circles like dogs chasing their tails. I just got up and walked over and picked them up and put them back into the fire. I never thought anything about it as I had always been able to pickup hot coals and take hot things from the oven. But, Everyone became quiet and then the Chief asked me how long I had been a witch doctor. I told him I was not a witch doctor, but he said we do not believe you as you just gave yourself away. We do not allow witch doctors here so you will have to leave.

I picked up my war bag and left. As I left I went by the Crow camp and told them good by. They asked why I was leaving so I told them. Tom said we are not afraid of witch doctors, so you can stay with us. I did and when the Powwow was over I stayed with the Crows and went to Montana with them. I was sort of adopted into the Crows and spent a lot of time with them.

When I returned to the Quinalt, I married A girl whose mother was Quinalt and father was Chinook.

I learned something during this time that stood me in good stead with other cultures. At first I found that when I was in my Indian mind I could not understand white people and when I was in my white mind I could not understand the Indian people. Finally I learned to blend the two till I was in both all the time.

I also learned I was a Tahmahnawis (Pronounced tamanoos) man and things about when I was a baby.

One day Amy and I were at her parents home and had a disagreement. I was a little mad at her and said I would go home and build the fire and warm the house and she could come latter. But she never came and that made me more mad, it was getting very late and it was a very dark night, so I went back to her parents home to get her.

When I got there they told me she had left some time before. So I went out to look for her and seen some children playing . I asked them if they had seen Amy and they said yes, she was with an Indian woman that they had never seen before. I asked them to describe her and she was no one I knew either. They said they ran after her to try and get a match from her to light their cigarets, but, no mater how fast they ran they could not catch her even though she was only walking. I said you know what that means? They looked startled and said Tahmahnawis and ran home.

I returned to Amy's parents home and told them about it and when I described the woman she was with, they paled and said aunty. I ask who, as I still did not know who it was. Her mother told me it was her sister that had drowned off of the seawall many years before and they had never found her body.

Her mother and her sister went out looking for her in one direction and I in another. I came around a corner and looked up the road and saw them standing under a streetlight shining a flashlight down the road, so I went to them to find out what they had found. They told me nothing as the streetlights were out and they could not see anything. To me the street light were on so I told them to go home and I would look for her.

I headed straight for the seawall. The village of Taholah is very close to the ocean. Only a large field separates it from the seawall. When I got to the store I could look out over the field and I seen her walking slowly across the field alone. I ran to her and got between her and the seawall and stopped her. She did not fight me but just said aunty is calling me, cannot you hear her, and I must go to her. I could not hear anything. I put my arm around her and started taking her back, but even though she did not fight me or resist in anyway, it was like pulling a log in a river against the current. I had not taken more than ten steps when I was completely exhausted. It was like there was a strong force sweeping over us pushing us toward the sea.

As I was standing there trying to get my breath I started hearing Amy very faint and far away. It kept coming Amy..Amy ..Amy and started getting louder. That gave me some pause till a car came around the store and out into the field towards us. It was her uncle with her sister leaning out the window calling Amy. I cannot tell you how glad I was to see them.

Her uncle tried to help me put her into the car. I got in and pulled and he pushed with all his might and we finally got her into the car. The strange thing about it was she was completely limp and did not try to fight us at all. We took her back to her father's house. He was a Pentecostal minister and he started praying over her. The word spread and the Indian Shakers started showing up and they shook over her till 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning before she was free of it and could sleep.

I do not know if you are familiar with the Indian Shaker faith or not. They have no connection to the Shakers in the eastern part of the USA.

In case you are not I will tell you a little about them.

Before the white men came to that area an Indian man living near Hoods Canal (not really a canal as it is a natural body of water, so more like a long bay, but it is called a canal) in what is now Washington State, died. As was the custom his body was laid on a rased platform for three days while the family and friends gathered. Then his body would be placed in a canoe and sent out to sea. But in this case on the third day when they went to get him, he set up and told them they had to build a lodge and in it he would tell them about his journey and the message for them he had brought back.

He told them how to build the building and it looked much like the small Methodist churches that dotted the west later. After it was built he gathered the people into it and told them the story of his journey and introduced them to a new way of worship.

He had wondered after he died and came upon this great white mansion. Going to the front door he asked for food, but was told he had to go to the back door as he was not prepared to come in at the front door. At the back door he was told about the trinity and the one that had died for him. Only in this case he interpreted it as an Indian as he knew only Indians. He was instructed on a method of worship and sent back to teach the people. At this time gambling was a rage among the coastal Indians. Most playing the bone game where they would gamble all they had on the bones, even sometimes their wife and children. It had become a terrible plage on the people and he was also instructed to teach them to quit it.

The system of worship was that they would make an alter and place three crosses or candles or both on the alter for the trinity. The women would be standing along one side and the men standing along the other and they would chant a song while the bell ringers would ring the bells in sets of three over their heads then three down then three over the head and so on.. At first, I understand, it was rattles the bells came latter after white people came to the area trading. The leader and two helpers would go to the alter and light a candle and carry it around the building brushing the heat of the flame unto each person to purify them. Then some singing.

After this the leader would go to the alter and stand looking up over the alter with his back to the people until he got a message then he would give the message to the people. After that there was prayer and shaking over anyone that needed it. The usual method of getting rid of evil sprits was to shake over a person and drag the spirit off. They normally did this by pulling it off of them and down the hair until it came off the end of the hair.

One day a white missionary to the Indians was there at a meeting where the shakers took a Tahmahnawis off of a person and put it into a bell. We called this missionary Mika Wash as he had translated the song "Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb" into Chinook Jargon. In Chinook it goes "Mika Wash, Mika Wash,...Mika Wash kopa Jesus Pillpill". So he was named the first two words of the song "You Washed". When the Tahmahnawis was in the bell it could not ring. He was fascinated by this and wanted to show it to the people in his white church. So they let him have the bell and he took it to the white church at their next meeting, but when he got to the door of the church and started to go in the Tahmahnawis jumped put of the bell and left and the bell started ringing normally again. Apparently the Tahmahnawis did not want to go into the church.

As I said before, after the purifying with heat and singing, the leader would stand before the alter and give a message to the people. The interesting thing is that most of the messages could have been taken right out of the Bible, but they got them by revelation. Thus today we have Bible shakers and none Bible shakers. When the white men came it was quickly recognized that their stories were the same as the ones found in the Bible, so many adopted the Bible, but some wanted to stay with the old ways.

Needless to say when the Shakers are having a meeting there is so much noise from the bells and the praying that everyone in the village knows it is going on.

Anyway the next day Aunt Daisy came to see me and told me that I was a Tahmahnawis man and I had the Tahmahnawis of the bear. She said they all knew I did not know it, as it had been willed to me by an Indian woman that had been my nursemaid. She said that the Tahmahnawis that had attacked Amy the night before was mine and was going to kill her to appease me so I would take it.

Normally an Indian would fast and seek a Tahmahnawis; sometime up to 30 or 40 days. They would put themself through much pain and suffering also to attain one. I know of one man that set in the cold river with the water right up to his chin for a week till a bear came out of the woods and licked him and he knew he had the Tahmahnawis of the bear. Another one that had himself dragged over the stones and shells on the beach until he was bloody seeking a Tahmahnawis.

There was an old man in Taholah that used to paddle his canoe on the river and sing Tahmahnawis songs and his Tahmahnawis would follow in the body of a seal pup. When the Tahmahnawis is in the body of an animal the animal cannot make any sound, but as soon as the Tahmahnawis is called out of the animal the animal can make all the sounds a normal animal makes.

The Pentecostal minister in Tahoka told me that one time he had a knock at the door and when he answered it there was no one there. He closed the door and as soon as he did the knock came again. This time he opened the door and looked all around with out seeing anyone and then he looked down and there was a very small man standing there. This man could not talk but was motioning for him to follow it. The little man seemed so desperet and earnest that he followed him and this small man lead him a long ways into the forest to a place where his brother-in-law was laying with a broken leg and could not move. Then he realized that this little man was really a Tahmahnawis as his brother-in-law was a Tahmahnawis man. He turned to look for the little man and he was gone. When he could talk to his broth-in-law about it he said yes he had sent his Tahmahnawis to get him as he need help.

I can tell many stories about Tahmahnawis, but this is not the place and time for them.

Aunt Daisy said I needed to decide what I was going to do about it.

I remembered Mom telling me that I had an Indian nurse caring for me when my parents went to eastern Washington to pick apples.

Aunt Daisy's story about my having a Tahmahnawis of the bear brought to my mind a story my father had told me years before and now it made sense.

He was a watchman on a closed saw mill way up in the forest. We lived in tents and they slept in one and I slept in another one. Dad told me I kept babbling about a bear and as I was just learning to talk, I did not express myself very well. So he could not figure out what I was saying. One night he heard a noise in my tent and went over to check on me and seen a very large bear sleeping there with me curled up between its legs against its belly asleep also. He then understood what I had been saying and did not know what to do. He was afraid the bear would hurt me and also afraid that if he killed it I may be hurt. He also realized that it had been sleeping with me every night and that is what I was babbling about. So he just set there and watched. Along toward morning the bear got up and went back into the woods leaving me sleeping.

Dad and Mom packed up and left that job right there and then.

With what Aunt Daisy had just told me and the fact that when I was a baby Dad and Mom used to go to Yakima to pick apples and I was left with an Indian woman to care for me, I realized it was all true and that bear had been her Tahmahnawis she had sent to watch over me.

I decided I did not want some Spirit that could be potentially dangerous, so said I would like to get rid of it.

The shakers set up and alter in the kitchen of Amy's parents home and set me on a stool near it and started shaking and looking for the Tahmahnawis. They found it in the living room and grabbed it. It was like the wind, one could not see it, but one could see what it did. As they dragged it through the living room they were about 6 or 8 ft from the window yet it was pounding on the window so hard it made it shake. When they got to the door they could not all go through at the same time so Aunt Daisy came through first and when she was through the others lost their grip on it and it took Aunt Daisy and dragged her to the alter and up over the Alter wiping it clean with her and she was a big woman.

I just set there wide eyed and watched. Something had to be throwing her around like that unless she had learned to fly as she was not even touching the floor the whole trip.

The others came rushing in from the living room and grabbed it and together they set up the alter again and got the Tahmahnawis to it and got rid of it.

After that they told me that there was still some residue of Spirits hanging around me and they wanted to shake over me. I said "yes do it. After what I had just seen and what happened the night before I want nothing to do with it".

They started shaking over me and I swear that none of them touched me but as they pulled the spirits off of me the spirits or something dug into my ribs and it hurt. I know it was not the shakers as I watched them. My ribs were black and blue and hurt for more than a week from this.

The outcome was that I learned not to get mad at anyone. Tell who ever you are in disagreement with that you did not or do not like what they were doing or had done, but do not get mad at them for doing it.

For some reason I have always found it easy to make friends with Indian people. I cannot go anywhere but that I soon have a fiend that is Indian. Shortly after we moved to Aurora we became friends with an Indian couple and still are very close friends with them. He is a Hopi and she is Navajo. So maybe Aunt Daisy was right. Maybe I am an Indian hiding in a white body. I do not know.

So I cannot tell you why I got with the Indians it just sort of happened in a natural sort of way. The blending of my Indian mind and white mind was very helpful with other cultures also as I came into contact with them such as in the South Pacific where the people think much like the American Indians. But then, was also helpful with cultures like Japanese and Chinese. I love the ancient Japanese culture like the Noh, Kabuki, the tea ceremony, Ikebana, etcetera. I love Haiku also. There are so many beautiful things in the world that it is good to find them and enjoy them. They can be found in every culture and amongst all people. Maybe that is what kept me wondering around the world and living with different people and enjoying their culture. I always wanted to stay for a while and not just travel as I learned that it took about 6 months to get rid of ones preconceived ideas about a culture and start seeing it as it really was.

I was asked by some Puyallup Indians to help them when they wanted to declare war on the USA. They needed to declare war to get Washington DC's attention to a problem they had with the city of Tacoma Washington. Tacoma was trying to take part of their land and would not let them live on it or fish from it. I gave them the money to print up the papers and make their declaration of war and mail it to the congress of the USA. They had sun dance Sioux with them so I knew they meant business. I was familiar with the sun dance from the Crows and knew that anyone that had danced at the pole was someone to be reckoned with, so felt they had a chance to get something done. It was a short war. All the Indians had were shotguns and they patrolled the land with them. But the US Army lined up on the 11th St. Bridge with high-powered rifles and fired into the compound from there. They never shot anyone just shot into the compound and the Indians could not answer the fire as their shotguns could not shoot that far. But it served its purpose as by this time it got known and the Indian agency and the City of Tacoma could not keep it under wraps any more, so they had to settle with the Puyallups. I was at the bedside holing her hand when the last full blood Puyallup died.

Then I remember my first culture shock when in the summer between my Junior and Signor years in high school. I went on a Navy freighter to the Pribilof Islands to help with the seal kill. Despite the culture shock I found there meeting the new culture of the Aleuts, I felt at ease with them and at home there. I loved every minuet of it except when they tried to feed me seal meat Eskimo fashion.

So I do not know what it is that makes me like I am. I just love what ever it is. I still love all six of my wives also, and am thankful for the experiences they added to my life.

When I was teaching Math at Lane Community College in Eugene Oregon I noticed that we had a lot of Indian students from many different tribes, but none of them spoke any Indian language what so ever. None of them even knew one work in their native language. I felt that was wrong because one cannot understand Indian thinking with out a little familiarity with the languages.

This came about because of the governments interference with the Indians on the coast and would not let the young ones speak their native language, so many of them could not even speak to their grandparents. But what to do about it now was the question. I discussed it with the students and we decided yes they needed to have at least some Indian words and as there were so many languages represented by them we would work on Chinook Jargon the trading Language of the North West Indians, as it was spoken from Northern California to Alaska.

I formed an informal class and started teaching it. It was not sponsored by the college and so was free and had no credit. This lead to another encounter though. One day while monitoring a Math test an Indian girl came in to talk to me and ask a question. The students were all busy taking the test so I visited with her for a minute. When she was leaving she made a joking remark to me and as she went out the door I hollered after her "halo shum wish siwash" And when I did a woman's head popped up in the back of the room and she stared at me for awhile. I thought she was just wondering what was going on, but when I made my rounds amongst the students to see if they needed help and got hear her, she said that was not very nice! I asked what. And she said what you said to that girl. It turned out she looked white, but was a Maka Indian and was related to Lyle Hunter, but I had never met her. I told her she was right, but the girl knew I was only kidding her.

What I had said was "you do not have any shame you stinking, rotten, no good savage". So one has to be careful what they say even if one thinks there is no one around that speaks the language. We never know when we will run into someone that can speak the language.

One time I was returning from Japan. We had to island hope in those days and had just flown from Wake Island to Honolulu, Hawaii and found I had a one or two day layover there before I could go on to the mainland. I was broke and had maybe a two day layover, what was I going to do? I decided to go to the red cross and see what they could do for me. I offered them a donation if they would have money wired from my bank account in the states, but they would not even consider it. I did not even have enough money to phone my bank and ask them to wire it.

So I went out and stood on the street corner wondering what to do when a bus went by and a whisker head stuck itself out of the window of the bus and started screaming Au Tenas Talipus. I wondered if I was seeing and hearing an illusion as who would be calling me in my Indian name in Hawaii. The bus came to a stop at the next corner and out jumped a friend from the states. He was just in off of a three months tow from the mainland to Hawaii in a sea going tug boat. He had three months sea pay in his pocket and we seen Hawaii big time for the next two days.

Working at Hanford / All most grounding the yacht