Some Photos of Glenn Cook's Family


1908 Cook Family reunion at South Bend, Indiana

We have this photo because of Julie Anne Degenhardt nee Lindquist's diligent work and dedication to the genealogy of the family. And owe many thanks to Jean Cook (wife of Phil Forest Cook - Phil was the grandson of Melvin & Lucy) For keeping the photo and sharing it with the family by sending it to Julie.

We also need to give thanks to Julie for this very clever way of labling the photo so we can know who is who in it.

1. Florence Thomas
2. Everal Cook
3. Melvin Cook
4. Lucy (Reid) Cook
5. Samuel Thomas
6. Charles Thomas
7. Bertha (Cook) Smith
8. Arthur Cook
9. Macel (Reid) Cook
10. Edward James Cook
11. Bertha (Whitman) Cook
12. Roland Cook
13. Malissa (Cook) Thomas
14. Forest Cook
15. Bessie Cook
16. Frances (Thomas) Voreis
17. Elsie Voreis
18. Herbert Walter Voreis
19. Carl Voreis
20. Benjamin Cook
21. Glenn Cook
22. Elizabeth (Herrmann) Cook
23. Lawrence Cook
24. Gerald Cook
25. Raymond Cook

Stan & Julie Degenhardt, Glenn & Fulori Cook taken when Stan and Julie visited May 26 and 27, 2005

It may seem that this is not the proper place for this photo, but it truly is. It is because of Julie's diligence and hard work that we have most of the information that we have about the Cook family in the USA and Canada and the connection to our Europe ancestors.
For more information about the family go to William M. Cook

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