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Photos of
Robert Thomas' Family

Bob abt 6 yrs-Son of Norman ∓ Marie Thomas Bob Thomas About 7-9 yrs old Robert (Bob) Thomas age 14
Bob Thomas age 15 Bob Thomas January 1991 Bob marries Janet (Scott) Yandl 4-1-1978 Splendora, TX Janet (Scott) Yandl
Becky Yandl Age 6 Daughter of Bob Thomas and Jan Yandl Becky Yandl Age 7 yrs old Becky Yandl About 7-8 yrs old Becky Yandl About 15-16 yrs old
Becky marries Joe Woolet September 5 Mishawaka, IN Joe & Becky Becca Jane Woolet Dec 29,1995
Becca, Joe & Becky Woolet Tracy Yandl Age 17 Step-daughter of Bob Thomas Dave, Tracy & Breanna Schultz Tracy & Breanna Schultz
Breanna Schultz Bob with son Laurence and his mother, Sue Wiseman Laurence Phillips about 6-7 yrs old Laurence Phillips
Robin & Laurence Phillips Robin Phillips Vicki Phillips
Vicki Phillips Dustin James Phillips 4 months old Dustin & Vicki Phillips Dustin Phillips and mom, Lisa Cross
Dustin, Vicki & Lisa images/Bob marries Fran Reid 4-4-1994 South Bend, IN Mom (Marie Thomas) on the right Bob marries Deann Trumbull November 2002

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