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Cook/Dolan Family Reunion 2006

The reunion was held on July 22-23, 2006 on the farm of Maggie Dauksavage, outside of Clifford, ND.  Saturday brought about 31 in attendance and Sunday brought an additional 10-15. Six states were represented: AZ, CA, IN, MN, ND, and WI, as well as the Canadian Provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Maggie, Evore, HT (Helen), Tom, & Cindy Thomas Maggie, Evore, HT, Tom, & Cindy Front:  Maggie, Aunt Bernie (wife of James Anderson), Cindy Back:  Evore, HT, Tom
Front:  Maggie, Bernie, Cindy Back:  Evore, HT, Tom Leslie Thomas, Doreen Gangloff, Val Kitt Back:  Sherry McGogy, Jeanne Calvert, Julie Degenhardt Our Canadian Family (Not pictures: Stan Degenhardt) "Aunty" Doreen and her girls
Courtney, Doug, Brandon Boppre Back: Alex Boppre Courtney, Alex, Doug & Brandon Clockwise:  Brandon, Doug, Courtney & Alex  Front: Kelcie Boppre Middle: Koty, Lyle, Kyle Boppre Back: Lydia Boppre and her daughter, Susan Honey
Lyle & Lydia's family Shelley, Mike & Kayla Boppre Shelley, Mike, Kayla
Shelley, Mike, Kayla Dude & Kathy Schaefer Front: Cheryl & Danny Dawson Back:  Dee (Diana) & Audie (Audreanna) Cheryl, Danny, Dee & Audie
Doug and Pat Maszka Doug & Pat Maszka Pamm Garber Pamm Garber
Pamm Garber The Whole Cook Family at the Reunion Cook Family Reunion 2006
Tom Thomas & friend, Kelly Kruize "Puggy" Kayla Boppre & "Puggy" Kayla and her kitten
My Canadian Hug Stan Degenhardt & Pamm Garber Stan & Pamm HT and her friend, Dee Bolin Patty Thomas Wife of Evore
Doreen Gangloff Daughter of Bertha Mae Cook & Knut Robert Malstrom Leslie Thomas arranging the chairs HT (Helen Thomas), Cheryl (Dolan) Dawson, Audie Dawson, & Maggie (Thomas) Dauksavage
Reminiscing... Julie, Sherry, Kathy, Cheryl, & Maggie Kathy, Doreen, HT, Cheryl, Evore, Maggie & Dee (Bolin) Jeanne, Leslie, Val, Julie & Sherry
HT, Cheryl, Maggie, Audie (behind Maggie)Evore & Dee Cheryl, Audie, Maggie, Dennis, Doug (Boppre), Kayla & Dee HT, Dennis & Danny Dennis, Danny, Doug & Dee
Evore, Patty, Danny, Dude, Dennis, Doug, Alex & Brandon behind Dee, & Patty Doug Maszka with his Yorkies Background:  Cindy, Leslie & Val Pat, Doreen, Kathy, Tom, HT, Kelly, Evore, Danny
Kelly, Evore, Danny, Doug, Cindy & Jeanne Front to back:  Julie, Val, Les, Jeanne, Cindy, Brandon, Alex, Dee, Courtney & Doug Talking about the Yorkies Julie & Sherry in front Back: Audie, Dee, Heather (Friend), & Doug
In the shadows... Doreen, Tom, HT, Kelly, Evore, Danny & Dude Pat in the right corner Chit chat in the yard Sherry, Dee, Heather, Audie & Doug
Pat & Kathy front Back: Kelly, Evore, Danny, Dude, Doug, Courtney, Alex, Brandon & Dee Part of Sunday's lunch... Patty watches Lyle with the turkey and ham
More of Sunday's lunch with Susan in the background Sherry & Lydia View from the deck... and from the upper deck
upper deck with Maggie & Dee on the lower deck There's a lotta miles there! More from the upper deck Tom, HT, Shelley, Kelly, Lyle & Evore, Kathy (foreground) with Alex in the top left corner
Dude Heather's tattoo... and her back...
and around her side...little pixies Les, Val, Julie, Sherry (behind Doug), Dee, Audie, Heather, Dennis In front:  Kathy, Pat & Doreen (head) Where's the sun? Standing:  Lyle & Kayla HT (hat), Kelly, Evore, Dude
Back:  Val, Julie, Sherry, Dee, Audie, Heather & Dennis Standing: Doug & Dee Front:  Kathy, Pat & Doreen Horse shoes & volleyball Tom, Kelly, Gerald (Dauksavage), Evore behind Mike Gerald, Evore & Doug
Doug, Evore, Kayla & Mike Two chairs...wanna join us? Danny & Dude
Pamm Garber & Dennis Boppre My reunion T-shirt... with descendants of James Edward & Bertha (Whiteman) Cook

More photos will be added as time allows

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