Cook Family Photos

Photos of
David Thomas' Family

David J. Thomas December 6, 1969 South Bend, IN Son of Norman ∓ Marie Thomas David Thomas and cousin, Barb Thomas, born 2 days apart. Son of Norman Thomas and daughter of Merle ∓ Shirley Thomas David Thomas 8 yrs old
David Thomas About 12 yrs old Jonathan Coleman & David Thomas Son of Cathy (Van Drissche) Coleman Stepson of David Thomas Jonathan Coleman 6 yrs old Jonathan ∓ Cathy Coleman
Jonathan Coleman, DJ (David Jonathan) and Jessica Thomas Children of David ∓ Cathy Thomas David, Jonathan, DJ, ∓ Jessi Jessi(ca) Thomas Jessi Thomas
Jessi Thomas Audrey Roseann Marie Searfoss, after she was adopted out David Jonathan Thomas, II (second)
DJ Thomas DJ Thomas Guy Adrian Wayne Searfoss, after he was adopted out

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