Cook Family Photos

Photos of
Nina (nee Cook) Thomas' Family

L to R:  Norman, Merle, Bev, Ron & Sandy Thomas Children of Clarence & Nina (Cook) Thomas Alumni Banquet May 2004 Tyner High School Tyner, IN Ron Thomas in back of house at 700 Thayer St, Plymouth, IN Norman E. Thomas Senior Picture Tyner High School Class of 1952 Tyner, IN
Merle D. Thomas Senior Picture Tyner High School Class of 1959 Tyner, IN Ron Thomas Senior Picture Tyner High School 1961 Tyner, IN Sandra P. Thomas Senior Picture Tyner High School Class of 1966 Tyner, IN Pam Thomas with Ron & Lori (Warner) Thomas 1971
Norman Thomas, Beverly (Thomas) Sims, Bev's daughter Deb (Sims) Carson, and Ron Thomas Deb Carson, Melinda & Kevin Frick, Lori Thomas Bev Sims, Deb Carson, Marilyn Cherrone, Ron Thomas, daughter Michelle Thomas, granddaughter Charlie Jane Horn
Merle holding Barbara Thomas Norman holding David Thomas 4-24-1970 Merle's Wedding Day Shirley holding Barbara Thomas Marie holding David Thomas 4-24-1970 Shirley's Wedding Day Barbara Kay Thomas 1972 3 yrs old
Barbara Thomas about 12 yrs old JoAnna Lee Thomas 6-27-1971 About 5 months old JoAnna, Jeremy and John Phillip Swift Merle and Jimmy Thomas 3-24-2006
Eugene Thomas Son of Merle Thomas 1978-1978 About 2 months old Kevin & Melinda (Bottorff) Frick's Wedding, Joe, Sandy & Jeremy Frick
1997 Noah Frick 9-17-2003 Nick Carson Son of Deb Carson
Taylor & Jessica Britton, Nick Carson, Candy & Jared Frick Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren of Nina (nee Cook) Thomas

Children of Nina and Clarence Thomas:

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