Some Photos of Belle Glover's Family


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Simeon J. Mabee / Ruth Rebecca Phillips

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Julia Duncombe nee Mabee and Fred Duncombe

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Fanni Hill & William Duncombe   /   Fred Duncombe Family   /   May, Julia, Fred, Belle, Melton

Duncombe Family: Back row: Fred Duncombe, William Duncombe, John Lowes
Middle row: Lorne Duncombe, Julia Duncombe nee Mabee, John Duncombe
Ermal Lowes nee Duncombe, Mable Lowes, May Duncombe

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Fred & Julia Marriage Certificat   /  Fred Duncombe   /   Lorne Duncombe   /   May Duncombe

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May Duncombe   /   Eugene Glover & May Duncombe  /  May  /  May and Eloise on Farm in Shelton

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James Bandy  /  May & James  /  May & Jim  /  May, Fred, Sharan Anderson, Barbars Bixby


Fred Duncombe / Julia Mabee / Ray Cook / Belle Glover / May Bandy / Jim Bandy / Bud Cook

May's Children and Grandchildren

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