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Valdar (The Mild) Hroarsson [59848]
Hildis Princess of Vandals [59849]
(Abt 0496-)
Heidrek "Ulfhamr" Aangantyrsson King In Reidgotalandi [59831]
Amfleda "The Younger" [59847]
Harald (The Old) Valdarsson King of Roeskilde [59829]
Hildis Heidreksdatter [59830]
Halfdan (The Valiant) Haraldsson King of Sweden [59826]
(Abt 0590-Abt 0650)


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Moalda "Digri" Kinriksdatter [59827]

Halfdan (The Valiant) Haraldsson King of Sweden [59826]

  • Born: Abt 590, Jutland, Denmark
  • Marriage: Moalda "Digri" Kinriksdatter [59827] in 611 in Denmark
  • Died: Abt 650 about age 60

bullet   Cause of his death was Killed by his brother, Gudrod.


bullet  General Notes:

King of Roeskild

Killed by his brother, Gudrod, who did it at the urging of his wife, Aasa, daughter of Ingjald "the Evil-Advisor."

"A Guide to Irish Roots," William & Mary Durning (La Mesa, CA: Irish Family Names Society, 1995), p. II-112, gives this ancestry of Halfdan (backwards in time): Heiti, Gor, Snow ("The Old One"), Frosti, Karl, Fornjot of Finland.

Haldan the Valiant
(Hßlfdan snjalli) (7th century) was the legendary father of Ivar Vidfamne according to Hervarar saga , the Ynglinga saga , Njal's Saga and Hversu Noregr byggdist . The genealogical work Hversu Noregr byggdist gives his father as Harald the Old , his grandfather as Valdar and his great-grandfather as Hrˇarr (i.e. the Hro­gar of Beowulf ).

Ynglinga saga

Snorri Sturluson related that the Swedish king Ingjald Ill-ruler married his daughter ┼sa to king Gu­r÷­r of Scania . ┼sa was her father's daughter and made Gu­r÷­r murder his own brother Halfdan, the father of Ivar Vidfamne Later, she was the cause behind Gu­r÷­r's death as well, and had to escape back to her father. People afterwards called her ┼sa Ill-ruler like her father Ingjald.

Ivar Vidfamne mustered a large army and besieged Ingjald and his daughter at RŠning, whereupon the two committed suicide by burning themselves to death inside the hall.

Hervarar saga

Whereas Hversu and Ynglinga saga don't inform about Halfdan's mother, Hervarar saga provides the information that she was Hild, the daughter of the Gothic king Hei­rekr Ulfhamr, the son of Angantyr who defeated the Huns.

It then tells that Halfdan had the son Ivar Vidfamne, who attacked Ingjald Ill-ruler, which led to Ingjald's suicide by burning down his own hall at RŠning together with all his retinue. After this, Ivar Vidfamne conquered Sweden.


Halfdan married Moalda "Digri" Kinriksdatter [59827] [MRIN: 551616491], daughter of Kinrik [59828] and Unknown, in 611 in Denmark.

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