Artaxias I King of Iberia [60748]
Artaces (Artog/Artak) I King of Iberia [60749]
(-0063 B.C.)
Pharnabazus (Bartom) I King of Iberia [60750]


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Pharnabazus (Bartom) I King of Iberia [60750]

  • Marriage: Unknown

bullet  General Notes:

After Artog his son Barton [Pharnabazus II/Bartom, 63-30 B.C.] ruled. Now P'arnajom's son, who had been nourished in Iran, took [Iranian] auxiliaries and came against Bartom. He sent a message to the Iberian princes to stand away from Bartom. But they did not heed him. Instead they fought for a month under Mruan [Mirvan II] near Xunan. But they were defeated and Bartom died in battle. He had no son, only one daughter whom he had married to a descendant of K'ujis so that there would be an heir for his kingdom. And he did this to please the Iberians who did not want the reign of a foreign people but only of the Pharnabazids.

Now his wife, Bartom's daughter, being pregnant, went to Armenia and bore a son, naming him Adrik.

Parnavaz II
(Georgian :) (died in 30 BC), of the Artaxiad Dynasty , was a king of Iberia (Kartli , eastern Georgia ) from 63 to 30 BC. He is known as Pharnabazus in Classical sources, and is commonly identified with the Bartom or Bratman of the medieval Georgian chronicles.

He succeeded upon the death of his father Artag who had been defeated by the Roman general Pompey in 65 BC. However, Roman hegemony over Iberia proved to be impermanent, and, in 36 BC, the legate Publius Canidius Crassus led his army into Iberia, forcing Parnavaz to make an alliance against Zober, king of neighboring Albania . Canidius and Parnavaz marched to Albania and subdued its people. Incidentally, no Georgian source documents these events reported by Cassius Dio in his Roman History[1] Instead, the Georgian annals concentrates upon the homecoming of Mirvan , the exiled son of Parnajom , who had been brought up in Iran . Mirvan returned to Kartli at the head of an Iranian army, killed Bartom and became a king. Bartom is said to have adopted Kartam, the grandson of Kuji (the alleged ruler of Egrisi in the time of the first Iberian king Parnavaz ). But Kartam had also been killed in battle against Mirvan. Nevertheless, Kartam's pregnant wife \endash the daughter of Bartom \endash fled to Armenia where she gave birth to a son named Aderki.[2]


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