Tefnakhte Shepses Re' Pharaoh of Egypt [60983]
(Abt 0770 B.C.-Abt 0720 B.C.)
Bakenranef Wah Ka Re' Pharaoh of Egypt [60982]
(Abt 0750 B.C.-Abt 0715 B.C.)
Nekauba Irib Re' of Egypt Prince of Sais [60981]
(Abt 0730 B.C.-Abt 0672 B.C.)


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Nekauba Irib Re' of Egypt Prince of Sais [60981]

  • Born: Abt 730 B.C.
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: Abt 672 B.C. about age 58

bullet  General Notes:

Nekauba was the third ruler of the 26th Dynasty, the beginning of the Late Period of ancient Egypt.

Almost nothing is known of Nekauba or Nechepsos as he is also called except that he is listed as one of the early kings of the 26th Saite Dynasty in Manetho 's Epitome and is assigned a reign of six years. However, his status as king is not confirmed by any contemporary documents and he may well be an invention of later 26th Dynasty Saite rulers to legitimise their kingship. Manetho writes that Nekauba is supposed to have succeeded Stephinates the founder of the 26th Dynasty--perhaps Tefnakht II --and was, in turn, followed by the well known Necho I , father of Psamtik I . Nekauba would have reigned as a local Saite king under the Nubian Dynasty between 678 BC to 672 BC if he did have an independent reign. (see Priese below) If not, he would merely have been a local mayor of Sais who served in office for this period of time prior to the accession of king Necho I.

The Egyptologist Kenneth Kitchen has suggested that Nekauba's reign be raised by a decade from six to 16 years, though this seems somewhat ambitious for such an obscure ruler. It appears far more economical to adopt \endash at face value \endash Manetho's far shorter figure of only six years since Nekauba's predecessor, Tefnakht II is now attested by a donation stela which is nearly identical in style, design and epigraphy with a newly discovered Year 2 donation stela from Necho I 's reign.(see Perdu, CRAIBL 2002, pp.1215-1244) This may suggest that only a small amount of time passed between the reign of Tefnakht II and the accession of Necho I.

It is probable that Nekauba and Necho I were both sons of Tefnakht II. His name closely resembles Necho's own name.


Nekauba married.

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