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For privacy reasons, personal information for persons believed to still be living is not shown. If you are a family member and need this information, please contact me.

Welcome to this Family History web site! It is through family help and support that these records or being compiled. Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors by many family members. We hope you will benefit from the information we present here. We do not ask for or accept, any financial help in this endeavor, but sure welcome and appreciate help with the records. Our motivation is to try and keep as full and accurate a record of the family as possible to pass down to our descendants. As there are many family members working on this, and we share information, hopefully this will make sure the records are never lost.

We all owe a special thanks to Julie Anne Degenhardt nee Lindquist, Janice Millicent Gnekow, nee Lowes and Pamm Garber nee Thomas for their fine Genealogy work and contribution to these records. Without them we would not have half the information we do on the family

Table of Contents

bullet  Fulori's Fijian pages
bullet  The presitation of Valma to her people
bullet  Fulori "Come and visit my mother's village in Fiji".
bullet  Fulori's Fijian Photos
bullet  Fijian Ancestry
bullet  Pedigree Chart for Glenn (Bud) Dale Cook [LV7H-KT7]
bullet  Surname List
bullet  Index of Names
bullet  Sources (Bibliography)
bullet  Our Direct Lines from Ireland's Echu Mugmedon born about 400 AD to Julie Mabee and Elizabeth (Betsy) F. Atha.
bullet  Our Direct line to the founder of the Atha family
bullet  History
bullet  Charts
bullet  Family Photo Album
bullet  Direct Lines to Adam and Eve
bullet  Glenn D. Cook to Adam and Eve
bullet  G. Belle Cook to Adam and Eve
bullet  Descendants of Peter Cook
bullet  Kinship of Family Members to Peter Cook
bullet  Descendants of Edward Allerton
bullet  Kinship of Family Members to Edward Allerton Cook
bullet  Pamm's Family Photo Album
bullet  Maps - To help find locations where our ancestors came from.
bullet  Maps - Where did our Ancestors come from in Europe?
bullet  Biblical Genealogy
bullet  The Biblical Illustrations of Gustave ore (1866)
bullet  Download a GEDCOM file of this data (63198986 bytes)
bullet  Stories For My Children

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  Child of Bounty. Used to make the movie Bounty's Child which revisited the trek Captain Bligh and his men made when they were set adrift after the Mutiny on the Bounty
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Glenn aboard his yacht in Tonga when he was teaching at the Atenisi University, Nuku'alofa, Tangatapu, Tongad   

If you are a family member and need information on any of the Family listed in these pages or have information on anyone in these records, corrections and/or additions to these records, please contact me.

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