Our Direct Line to the Founder of the Atha Family

Athy Coat of Arms

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To be Led Not Driven


It is believed that the founder of the Atha family was Gerard de Athee, born in Athee Sur Cher (near the Cher River) in France. He was a military leader and a renowned knight for Richard the Lionhearted, King of England (Richard was my 24th Great-Granduncle-his father, his brother and his sister were all great-Grandparents of my mother G. Belle Cook nee Glover.)

Gerard and his son Engleard of Cigogne are mentioned in the Magna Carta (para. 50) signed in 1215 by King John.(Our 24th Great-Grandfather)

Old Galway

Englelard of Cigogne adopted the surname Athee and some say in the early 1399's his decedents migrated to Ireland and Athee became Athy. In Ireland they became one of the 14 great merchant families ("Tribes") of Galway.

But our family records show that his descendent John de Athy was probably born in Galway, Ireland before 1280 and John's son Richard was born in Galway, Ireland about 1311 so they must have migrated earlier than the late 1300's. we do not know for sure when they migrated to Ireland, or how many generations were between John Athy and Gerard as our family records only go back to John.

The walled city in 1651 (North is to the left). The River Corrib is in the foreground, crossed by what is now "O’Briens Bridge", leading to Mainguard Street. Athy's Castle is next to the city's north wall near the river.

Every one on this page is a Grandparent of Elizabeth (Betsy) F Cook nee Atha, thuse Grandparents to our Cook Family

We owe a great big thanks to Julie Anne Degenhardt nee Lindquist; without her fine work this page would not have been possible, and to Bessie Rothrock nee Cook for what we do have on the Atha family. Bessie diligently kept the family records that were passed down to her.

John de Athy (Bef 1280-)


Richard de Athy (Bef 1311-)


John de Athy (Bef 1427-Aft 1444)


Walter Athy (Bef 1440-)


Richard Athy (Bef 1485-)


John Athy (Bef 1505-)


Walter (Wyliam) Athy (1550-)


John Athy


Walter Athy (1585-)


Frances Athy (1615-1666) See Also


George Athy* (1642-1709) See Also


John Athey (1675-1729)


Thomas P. Athey (1717-1776)


John Queen Athey (1756-1831)


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*George Athy (1642-1709): Walter Athy (1640-), George's older brother inherited the merchant business as was the custom, so George and his younger brother John Athy in 1661/62 bonded themselves out for 7 years to Thomas Dent of Maryland, and thus were the first of the Athy family to come to America.

Athy's Castle

Athy Coat of Arms

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