Bakenranef Wah Ka Re' Pharaoh of Egypt [60982]
(Abt 0750 B.C.-Abt 0715 B.C.)
Nekauba Irib Re' of Egypt Prince of Sais [60981]
(Abt 0730 B.C.-Abt 0672 B.C.)
Necho I (Memkheperre) King of Memphis & Sais [60979]
(Abt 0710 B.C.-Abt 0664 B.C.)


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Istemabat [60980]

Necho I (Memkheperre) King of Memphis & Sais [60979]

  • Born: Abt 710 B.C.
  • Marriage: Istemabat [60980]
  • Died: Abt 664 B.C. about age 46

bullet  General Notes:

Necho, fl. 670 B.C. , lord of Saïs, Egypt. He was confirmed in his holding after the Assyrian conquest in 670; he was later taken to Nineveh in chains for plotting to revolt but was pardoned and restored. He probably fell opposing (663) the Nubian reconquest under Tanutamon. His son Psamtik founded the XXVI dynasty. His grandson and Psamtik's son, the pharaoh Necho, 609\endash 593 B.C. , took advantage of the confusion that followed the fall of Nineveh (612) to invade Palestine and Syria, both of which he took without difficulty. However, Necho's real objective was to reach Haran in time to assist the Assyrians who were under siege by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. King Josiah of Judah tried (609 B.C. ) to stop him at Megiddo, but Josiah was defeated in battle and killed. Necho's failure to reach Haran resulted in the final defeat of Assyria. In 605, Necho fought with Nebuchadnezzar at Carchemish on the Euphrates and was thoroughly beaten. He fled to Egypt, where he remained for the rest of his life. He attempted to reexcavate the canal from the Nile to the Red Sea and also sent out a group of Phoenicians on a three-year expedition in which they were said to have circumnavigated Africa.

Necho I
(sometimes Nekau) (672 BC\endash 664 BC) was the Prince or Governor of the Egyptian city of Sais . He was the first attested local Saite king of the Twenty-sixth dynasty of Egypt who reigned for 8 years, according to Manetho 's Epitome. Egypt was reunified by his son, Psamtik I . Necho I is primarily known from Assyrian documents but is now also attested in one contemporary Egyptian document from his reign. He was officially "installed" at Sais by Assurbanipal around 670 BC, but he already ruled Egypt as a local king prior to this event. According to historical records, Necho I was killed by an invading Kushite force in 664 BC under Tantamani for being an ally of Assyria . The Nubian invasion into the Egyptian Delta was subsequently repelled by the Assyrians who proceeded to advance south into Upper Egypt and sack Thebes.

Necho I's Year 2 is now attested on a privately held donation stela that was first published by Olivier Perdu [2] The stela records a large land donation to the Osirian triad of PerHebyt (modern Behbeit el-Hagar near Sebennytos) by the "priest of Isis, Mistress of Hebyt, Great Chief...son of Iuput, Akanosh."

Necho was perhaps the brother of Nekauba --whose status as a king of Sais is currently unproven. He married Istemabet, and they were the parents of Psamtik I and his sister.[3]


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Necho married Istemabat [60980] [MRIN: 551617329].

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